Best pole vault grip tape.

Gill Pole Vault Grip Tape

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When doing the pole vault, you want to have the most amount of confidence when making your attempt. In order to have a chance at clearing the height, you need to be confident enough to hold the pole so that you will be able to vault over bar.

One of the common issues pole vaulters face is not having enough grip, which can cause their hands to slip and will affect their attempt; or worse, lead to injury.

The are often caused by:

The pole vaulter getting sweaty hands during the competition.

The pole vaulter being affected by changing weather conditions, such as rain or damp conditions.

To solve this problem, pole vaulters can invest in grip tape that will minimise the chances of having the pole slip when they make their attempt.

What’s the best pole vault grip tape that pole vaulters can use?

Gill 7002 Pole Vault Grip Tape, Assorted Colors

Gill Pole Vault Grip Tape
Gill Pole Vault Grip Tape

Gill is one of the more widely used grip tapes among pole vaulters. It does have mixed reviews among pole vaulters based on their experience and if they use any additional elements to help with their pole vault grip.

Prices start from $22

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What do you struggle with when doing pole vault?

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