Pole vault scholarships

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There are several schools, colleges, and universities around the world that are prepared to help out athletes that are aspiring to study higher education. What they will offer is a scholarship or assistance program, that will allow the athlete to attend the school and have their school fees taken care of up to 100%.

However, to create the opportunity, you must be able to demonstrate athletic value to the school.

Since most schools are for profit, they will be looking to take on students that will help them attract more students in the future. A scholarship isn’t granted completely out of charity.

As a pole vaulter, there are certain things that you must be able to demonstrate if you want to be considered for a scholarship.

What do you need to consider when applying for a pole vault scholarship?

  • You need to apply for scholarships with schools whose athletic and pole vault program is taken very seriously.
  • You must have a record of winning pole vault events consistently.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have qualified and competed at the elite level.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you will continue to excel at a higher-level while you attend the school and after graduating.

The schools want to use you as a success story. So if you show them that you can be successful, they will consider granting you a scholarship.

How high should your personal best be if you want to get a pole vault scholarship?

For pole vaulters, you need to vault high (Over 4m for women and over 5.30m for men), and win every competition that you enter.

If you do this, you should be able to secure a scholarship opportunity.

How can you apply for a pole vault scholarship?

Some books you can consider to help you secure a scholarship include the following.

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The Athletic Scholarship Playbook: A Complete College Recruiting Roadmap for High School Athletes and Parents Kindle Edition

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