Best pole vault spikes

Adidas Adizero Pole Vault Spikes

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To be successful in the pole vault, you need to have enough speed on the runway to create the force in the pole so that it will catapult you over the bar. All of the conditioning preparation will have you ready to compete in the pole vault event. However, if you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes for pole vaulting, you won’t be able to compete to the best of your ability.

Wearing the right pole vault spikes will allow you to do the following.

  • You will be able to focus on accelerating on your toes in your pole vault runup.
  • You will be able to accelerate better off each stride in your pole vault runup.
  • You will be able to maximise your acceleration and speed on the runway in different weather conditions. (Especially if you have to compete in wet weather!)
  • It will allow you to maximise your leg speed turnover, which is vital for the final phase of your runup so that you prepare to launch yourself over the bar.
  • Your heel will touch the ground as you prepare to take-off, so it is important that you have the added heel padding on the spike.

What spikes are best for pole vault?

You will want to invest in pole vault spikes that have a heel padding. Here are a few that you can invest in.

Adidas Adizero Pole Vault spikes

Adidas Adizero Pole Vault spikes

This is one of the premium pole vaulting shoes on the market. Lightweight and durable, it will help you execute the performance that you need in your pole vault competition.

The design focuses on a thicker heel base that will help launch your body for the vault upon take-off.

Also the design of the spike insoles make it easy for maintaining grip on the runway. But smaller spikes that are used should minimise the risk of injury by getting caught in the mat upon landing.

Pole vault spikes description

Weight7.8 oz
Spikes7 forefoot

Prices start from $89.

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Nike Zoom PV II

Nike Zoom Pole Vault II spikes
Nike Zoom Pole Vault II spikes

The Nike Zoom PV II have been a long-time favourite amongst pole vaulters due to their high-quality and inexpensive price point. Nikes tend to design a very light shoe compared to the other brands. However, the heel padding at the back doesn’t fall back as deep as the Adidas pole vault spikes. There are also fewer spikes in the front of the shoe.

That being said, for new pole vaulters, the shoe should be easy to transition to if the athlete is used to wearing a traditional spike.

Pole vault spikes description

Weight8.4 oz
Spikes5 Forefoot
UpperSynthetic leather/mesh

Prices start from $54.

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Saucony Soarin J 2

Saucony Soarin J2

These aren’t strictly pole vaulting shoes, but they are jumping shoes. So if you are an athlete that is keen to have one set of shoes to compete in the long jump, triple jump, and pole vault, the Saucony Soarin J 2 will provide you with a good option.

The main benefits with this shoe is the inexpensive price and the interchangability between the different events.

Prices start from $59.

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Are there any risks with not competing in pole vault spikes?

There are athletes that train for the pole vault in sprinting spikes and end up suffering from shin splints. This can lead to athletes needing more recovery time or physio treatment. This will also affect their athletic performance.

So it is better to invest in pole vault spikes (or at least spikes that have heel padding) so that it will minimise the risk or threat of additional injury.

Should the athlete train in pole vault spikes as well?

It’s likely that the athlete will need to train in a set of good running shoes. Pole vault spikes will be used in training among more experienced athletes and pole vaulters that will complete full jump repetitions or specific training drills that require them to wear their pole vault spikes.

What do you struggle with when doing pole vault?

Want to improve your pole vault performance?

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